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Scotch Whisky Valuations

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At ScotlandWhisky we cannot, unfortunately, give valuations for rare or old bottles of Scotch Whisky. However, there...

Interview with a Master Blender -Keith Law

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Keith Law answers a few questions about life as a Master Blender.

Buying Scotch Whisky Casks: Whisky barrels

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Purchasing a cask of Scotch Whisky may be the ultimate prize for a Whisky enthusiast; however it has many pitfalls and...

A brief history of Scotch Whisky

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Scotch Whisky has a heritage dating back more than 500 years. For a quick overview of the key dates ...

The Art of Making Whisky


Although the distillers' art has been understood since earliest times, it remains an intriguing process. For a general...

Single Malt Scotch Whisky Characteristics:

Scotland can be broken into five very basic geographical regions when looking at strong characteristics in whisky.

A Guide to Tasting Scotch Whisky


Want to know more about appreciating your single malts and deluxe blends ? Click here to find out what you should be...

Scotch Whisky Cocktails

Mint Spritzer

Try some of these classic scotch whisky cocktails

Scotland and Whisky - links


Useful websites with a whisky theme.

Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Wisky and Wiski


Whisky, whiskey, wisky - where did the word originate and why is Scotch Whisky spelt without an 'e'. Find out...

Blended Scotch Whisky attractions

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Want to find out more about the world's biggest Scotch Whisky brands Why not visit their spiritual homes.

Single Malt and Blended Scotch Whisky


Single Malt, Blended Scotch, Blended Malt? All is explained here

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Cuillin Hills Hotel

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4 Day - Islay Whisky Tour

Tour Packages

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